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Director: Lee Sholem. Writer: Richard H. Landau original story and screenplay as Richard Landau. Added to Watchlist. Horror Monster Movie Mania Favorites list 1. My Little List of Horrors.. Share this Rating Title: Pharaoh's Curse 4. Use the HTML below. You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. Photos Add Image. Learn more More Like This. The Human Monster Crime Horror Mystery.

The Ghost of Frankenstein Drama Horror Sci-Fi. The Curse of the Mummy's Tomb The Mummy's Shroud Cover Girl Killer Crime Thriller.

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Stars: Harry H. Corbett, Felicity Young, Spencer Teakle.

The Return of the Vampire Drama Horror. Bride of the Monster Horror Sci-Fi. The House in Marsh Road Horror Thriller.

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Dead Men Walk Drama Horror Mystery. The Mummy's Ghost Certificate: Passed Fantasy Horror. Stars: Lon Chaney Jr. The Monster of Piedras Blancas Fear in the Night A man dreams he committed murder, then begins to suspect it was real. Edit Cast Cast overview: Mark Dana Storm Ziva Rodann Simira as Ziva Shapir Diane Brewster Sylvia Quentin George N. Robert Quentin Alvaro Guillot Numar Ben Wright Walter Andrews Guy Prescott Michael Farraday Terence de Marney Smolett Richard Peel Gromley Kurt Katch Hans Brecht Robert Fortin Claude Beauchamp Ralph Clanton Edit Storyline Archaeologists in Egypt find one of their crew has been turned into a blood sucking mummy after they have unleashed a three thousand year curse by entering a Pharaoh's tomb.

Genres: Horror. Language: English. Runtime: 66 min.

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Color: Black and White. Edit Did You Know? Trivia All exterior shots in Death Valley were done in one day. Goofs In Ancient Egypt a cartouche was an oval shape containing the hieroglyphs for a personal name, not a stone tablet. Characters should instead be referring to the tablet as a tablet or a "stele". However the Egyptian scientists simply did not have the knowledge necessary to set such a sophisticated trap. Could Carnarvon have been killed accidentally? Maybe he had been infected by poisonous bat-droppings? Or had been poisoned by a mosquito which had drunk embalming fluids?

It was left to the more practically minded to point out that the sealed tomb could not have housed a bat colony, while the lack of water in the Valley of the Kings meant that there were no mosquitoes. This injection of common sense did little to halt speculation. In Egyptologist Herbert Winlock attempted to disprove the curse theory by studying the statistics. He found that only six of the 26 people present at the opening of the tomb had died within a decade.

Time was to prove that, of those who had first visited the burial chamber, only Carnarvon had died suddenly at the relatively young age of Howard Carter died aged 64, some 16 years after Carnarvon, while Lady Evelyn, who had been present on the first, clandestine, visit to the burial chamber, did not die until To set these figures into context, life expectancy at birth for men born in was 47 years, while those who lived to the age of 65 might be expected to reach the age of Howard Carter was a gifted artist who became an Egyptologist by accident.

Born on 9 May , the youngest of the seven surviving children of the animal painter Samuel Carter and his wife Martha, he was raised in the Norfolk village of Swaffham, where he came under the patronage of the Amhersts of Didlington Hall. William Amherst Tyssen-Amherst was a keen amateur Egyptologist with a private museum. It was on his recommendation that the Egypt Exploration Fund employed the 17 year-old Carter as a draughtsman. Then, in , he was offered a permanent position with the Egyptian Antiquities Service.

He spent five productive years in Luxor as antiquities inspector for Southern Egypt before moving to Cairo to become inspector for Northern Egypt. Here his career received an unexpected check. An argument with a group of drunken Frenchmen led to his resignation from the antiquities service, and in October he started a new life as an artist and antiquities dealer. Carter lived a hand to mouth existence until he was introduced to Lord Carnarvon, a wealthy amateur Egyptologist in need of a professional partner.

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Together in they determined to discover the tomb of Tutankhamun. Carter was prepared to strip the Valley of the Kings down to the bedrock if necessary. Carnarvon, who was funding the mission, was at first equally enthusiastic, but by was having second thoughts. The partners agreed that the —3 season of excavation would be the last. Digging started on 1 November He was to spend the next decade recording and preserving the tomb and its contents.

The Curse of King Tut's Tomb

When the tomb was finally empty, the publication of the results became his top priority. But his health was starting to fail and the publication was never completed. Howard Carter died in London on 2 March No explanation could be found for this unexpected power failure although anyone who has visited the Egyptian capital will confirm that power cuts are by no means rare events. Susie had been left behind in England. In later versions of the anecdote Susie actually died. However, it has proved impossible to trace this story to its source. One violent death attributed to Tutankhamun was that of Professor HG Evelyn-White, classicist and archaeologist at Leeds University, who committed suicide in a taxi in After hearing the sad news his father, Lord Westbury, an amateur Egyptologist, threw himself out of a seventh-story window.

Many people believe that the British Museum owns a cursed coffin lid that has been blamed for a variety of disasters including the sinking of the Titanic. The lid, known to believers as the coffin of the magical priestess of Amen-Re, is an ordinary 21st-Dynasty coffin lid belonging to an unnamed lady. Tutankhamun is the only New Kingdom c — BC monarch to have been discovered undisturbed in his own sarcophagus. His tomb was robbed at least twice in antiquity and Carter estimated that thieves stole more than half of his jewellery.

Nevertheless, his burial has provided Egyptologists with the most substantial and diverse collection of royal artefacts ever recovered. They offer a rare opportunity to understand aspects of New Kingdom life, including crafts and technologies, art styles, clothing and foods, religion and funerary beliefs. If there is one disappointment, it is the almost complete lack of non-ritual written material in the tomb. His personal history remains a mystery and we cannot name his parents with any degree of certainty.

May 9, at am. Carter, watched by assistant Arthur Callender and an Egyptian foreman, opens the golden shrines surrounding the sarcophagus.

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