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We had literally just gotten underway; As soon as you get underway everyone turns off the lights and people try to start getting some sleep. Whenever you have a major accomplishment in the maritime community, you have this big ceremony. What we have to do is we have to polish these trash weights. When we compact trash we have to put these weights in it so it sinks to the bottom. So, we take these rusty red weights and polish them to make them nice and pretty. Photo via Wikimedia Commons. Oh yeah.

The captain typically dresses up as Neptune. Yeah, every military unit has something like this. Sub life is tough. Your submarine warfare qualification takes about a year to get it.

Los Angeles-class fast-attack submarine USS Cheyenne SSN transits in close formation as one of 40 ships and submarines representing 13 international partner nations during Rim of the Pacific Keeping with the real serious stuff, any horror stories about the toilets backing up? So, what we do is all the poop and all the excrement and all that stuff goes into the sanitary tanks. There's three sanitary tanks onboard a submarine. So what you have to do to discharge it is you have to pressurize a sanitary pump that blows the sanitary waste outside of the boat.

That does a couple things. It blows outside the boat and you can hear all the fish coming in off sonar, all the crabs and things going crazy and eating all the poop. The machinist mates, called A-gangers got the valve line-up wrong in such a way that the poop went through one of the deep sinks and sprayed the entire galley. In this case it was grey water, but it smelled like poop. It ruined pizza night for the sub. It happens a lot.

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The toilets on a submarine are a lot different than anywhere else. We do something called angles and dangles which is always fun. They take the ship on extreme turns, extreme angles basically.


A retired brigadier general living in the Mechanicsburg area was charged with 15 felony counts of possession of child pornography, according to the Pennsylvania Attorney General's Office. Army Lt. Alexander Vindman testified before Congress on Friday that he believed there was "no ambiguity" to what President Trump was asking for on his July 25th call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Vindman, an active-duty Army officer currently working on the National Security Council, told lawmakers that, in the call between President Trump and Zelensky, it was "explicit" what Trump was asking for, according to a transcript of his testimony released on Friday. He was calling for something, calling for an investigation that didn't exist into the Bidens and Burisma," Vindman said. There was no ambiguity. The majority of U. Veterans Day is usually a time to honor and reflect upon the sacrifices of U.

Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is a difficult, treacherous game. Even if you think you're an expert at From Software's action titles, this one is designed to challenge, confound, and fool you.

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In other words, it's the kind of game that requires players to trade pro tips, to outsmart all the obstacles built into the game. We're here to help. Below are some tips that haven't surfaced very much elsewhere online. Follow these invaluable guidelines and you'll be a master shinobi in no time. Or, well, you'll at least probably die less.

How to Drag and Accel in Mordhau – A Quick Combat Guide

Be thorough and deliberate in the way you explore the dense, vertically layered environments of Sekiro. It can be tempting to rush in order to avoid harder fights and to feel like you're making progress, but this game likes to hide a lot of important content in out-of-the-way places.

So take your time; follow every dead end and explore every building interior. You'll find a lot of items, from helpful consumables to essentials like new Shinobi tools for your prosthetic arm and Prayer Beads to upgrade your character. There are also side quests hidden around, various NPCs who might have things for you to do, and interesting secrets about the world to share.

Pay attention. Sekiro is rather limited in how you upgrade your character, compared to the dizzying list of options found in From Software's Souls games.

What is a submarine?

Prayer Beads can be exchanged in sets of four for increases in health and posture, while Memories can be exchanged for increases in attack power, which also affects how much posture damage you do to enemies. Memories only come from major boss fights, whereas Prayer Beads can be found by defeating mini bosses, with a limited amount of them available to purchase in some shops and hidden around the game world.

If you're struggling with a big fight, try to gather more Prayer Beads by taking on any mini bosses you might have skipped. Those upgrades are essential. There are also skill points you earn through combat, which you can invest into various abilities, and money can be used along with raw materials to enhance your prosthetic arm. After the tutorial section, your fighter comes equipped with a prosthetic arm that can use a variety of tools. In the heat of combat, it can be easy to forget about your arm, but it provides a huge amount of utility.

The Firecracker prosthetic, in particular, can make almost any enemy in the game flinch for at least a moment, and shuriken can kill a lot of smaller animal enemies in one hit.

Confessions of an SSBN Sailor

Experiment with them, upgrade them when you can, and see what works against what boss. A lot of them have surprising weaknesses. Be creative. Prayer Beads and Memories can't be easily ground out, as they require beating bosses to get, but skill points and money sure can.

If you get stuck and you think something in your ability tree might help you, don't hesitate to go back to earlier areas and do a few rounds of the local baddies to get some experience. Spending your time grinding can feel tedious, but it helps, and if you're stuck any advantage can be worth pursuing.

One of the earliest abilities you can acquire in the game is the absolutely essential Mikiri Counter, which lets you counter thrust attacks by dodging directly into them. It makes fighting a lot of mini bosses a lot easier.

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I'm terrible at it, as it involves mortal courage in the face of really tough enemies. But maybe you'll be better! Don't forget to practice with your ally at the Dilapidated Temple, though in a lot of real fights the timing is trickier. Multiple times in the game, characters will scoff and mock you upon realizing you're a shinobi , a ninja, a master of stealth and dirty tactics. Well, make it work for you—and use stealth and dirty tactics. Sneak up on enemies, use the high ground, and generally don't be ashamed to use any dirty trick you come up with to pick off enemies and get the jump on boss fights.

This is a hard game.

Don't worry about playing fair. There are a lot of tough fights in this game, especially early on. But fortunately there are also a fair amount of branching paths.